Removing the browser on the Verizon Sonim XP5

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Guide to remove the browser on the Verizon Sonim XP5


This guide is based on the amazing work of forum user sdmde in this thread. All credit for this method of browser removal goes to him. Credit and help with writing the guide goes to @Flippy from the apps4flip forums.


This guide only works for the Verizon version of the Sonim xp5 at this time. Trying this on any other model or carrier will probably destroy your phone!

Apps4Flip takes no responsibility for any actions that you perform based on instructions from this page. You assume all risk and if you end up with a bricked phone don’t come to us, you have been warned.

Now that we got the warning out of the way, let’s go!

The sonim xp5 is a great phone, but kashering it to remove the browser and still staying kosher across factory resets has been quite a challenge. Now thanks to user sdme on the apps4flip forums we now have a solution. This involves flashing a custom rom to your Sonim xp5 which does not contain a browser and can be factory reset without it affecting the kashrus status at all.

  1. First enable USB debugging on your Sonim xp5 by dialing ##2387## then go do developer options, find USB debugging and turn it ON!

  2. Once you have enabled USB debugging run the following adb command

    adb reboot bootloader. If you have trouble running adb commands check out the universal method on the apps4flip installation guide page

  3. The phone will reboot into fastboot which will allow you to flash the custom rom. Now download the custom rom here and extract the zip files to the folder of your choice.

  4. In the folder that you extracted the files into, run the following adb commands:

adb reboot bootloader
fastboot flash boot
fastboot reboot-bootloader
fastboot flash recovery
fastboot flash system
fastboot flash splash
fastboot reboot

The phone should then reboot into your new kosher operator system!!