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Note on filters:

We get hundreds of emails a day asking us about filter compatibility and our position on this matter. To clear things up we will provide our official position here:
Parents, bochurim, and yungerleit be warned: A filter is a must for using these 4G phones. A person owning one of these phones without a filter is placing himself/herself in a really really bad situation. For this same reason, we provide kosher apps and not telegram, whatsapp, chrome, youtube, etc. As for which filters work with these apps, and which filter is better or worse, we do not take a position, as things are constantly changing. Please consult with your local TAG office, GEDER office, Livigent, etc., to find out what your options are.

Installing Apps

Need help with any of the instructions on this page? Head over to our forums and ask over there. Someone from our great community will answer your question

Easy Method 1 - Only works on the LG Exalt LTE

  1. Download desired apk, (a file containing the app to be installed on your phone), and install on your sd card. NOTE: These apks must be downloaded from our apps section here. Apks downloaded from any other site will not work, as they are not modified to contain our signature bypass exploit!
  2. Open the file manager by going to the Tools app, navigate to the folder containing the apk on your sd card, then just click on the apk to install it.
  3. Tatah! You are done. (Told you it was easy.)

Easy Method 2 - Works on Kyoceras, may also work on other models

Credit goes to @kollelniyes for discovering and sharing this method

  1. Bluetooth the apk file that you downloaded from our site from a different phone on to your kyocera phone
  2. Once the file is recieved, go to notifications and click on the notification saying the file is recieved. This should trigger an install.
  3. Tatah! You are done. (Told you it was easy.)

Universal Method - Slightly more difficult, but works on all 4G android based flip phones

We first must enable usb debugging on your phone. Doing so varies by device:

  • For the LG Exalt 4G
    1. Dial ##7764726220.
    2. Enter 000000 as the service code.
    3. Select Developer Options -> USB Debugging
    4. Turn ON.
  • For the Lg Classic Flip and Lg Wine 2
    1. Dial ##228378 and press call
    2. Scroll down and click on developer options
    3. Go to option 3 titled Usb Debugging and click
    4. Switch it from off -> to On.
  • For Kyocera and all other 4G Flip Phones
    1. Tap on the Settings app -> Software Information.
    2. Tap on the build number 7 times and then go back to Settings. A new option called developer options will appear.
    3. Select Developer Options.
    4. Scroll to USB Debugging and click on it to enable.
  1. Now, in the Settings app, select Security -> Unknown Sources, and enable installing apps from unknown sources. (If the option to enable unknown sources does not exist, skip this step.)

  2. Next, we need to use adb to run commands and install the apps. To use ADB, head over to and click connect in the top right corner. Follow the directions. Once your device is connected, you can use the Install APK section to install the apks that you downloaded from our apps section. That is it, you are done!!. Alternatively, if you are using a version of adb that you have installed on your computer, or you are an advanced user, continue following the directions below.

  3. You can now download the apps that you want from our apps section on this site apps. The app will be downloaded in the form of an apk file containing the app to be installed on your phone. NOTE: Only apks downloaded from this site are compatable with 4G flip phones, as they have been modified to use a signature exploit which bypasses the application lock put in place by the manafacturers. Apps and apks downloaded from other sites will not install.

  4. Plug your phone into your computer. You will receive a message on your phone asking you to approve the computers RSA fingerprint; select yes.

  5. Use ADB to install the apps by running the following command in terminal (for Mac), or command line (for Windows), in the folder where your downloaded apps are stored:

    adb install -g nameOfApk.apk

    i.e., for someone wishing to install an apk file named waze.apk, type

    adb install -g waze.apk

    Remember to add in -g before the apk name in order to avoid permission errors. For more information on this process see here

Congrats!! If you made it this far, and running the adb command returned a success message, you have successfully installed an app on to your 4G flip phone!!

Running adb commands using WebADB

Head over to and follow the directions to connect your device.

Once your device is connected, go to the Interactive Shell section and begin firing off your commands!!

Please note when running commands that contain the words “adb shell” in it. Remove the words adb shell from the command when executing the command in webadb.

Uninstalling Apps

To uninstall an app:

  • On the LG Exalt 4G
    1. Dial ##7764726220.
    2. Enter 000000 as the service code.
    3. Go to the application section, select the desired app, and click uninstall.
  • On All Other Phones, simply perform a factory reset

Launching Apps

4G Flip phones were not built to accomodate additional apps. As such, you may not find your newly installed apps where you’d exect to; in the menu. Below is a list options to rectify this issue:

  • For the LG Exalt 4G and Kyocera Phones
    Option 1: Install the launcher apk located here and follow the instructions exactly as they are stated.
    Option 2: (For the LG Exalt 4G only): Dial ##7764726220 and enter 000000 as the service code. There will be an option in this menu called “Applications” which will allow you to view and launch any of your newly installed applications.
  • For All Other Models, Install the launcher apk located here. This will give you the option to access all of your apps by pressing the end button and selecting “open launcher”

Launching waze

To launch waze, download the waze launch app from our app section here. This will allow you to enter a destination and launch navigation for waze.