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LG Classic Flip for 30$ and get 3 months of service for free

The basics

We get a lot of emails asking us to recommend which phone to purchase, the asker usually wants a good quality phone, verizon serivce, apps4flip support, and the ability to make the phone kosher. Up until now, we had nothing to recommend, the only good phone (The lg exalt) was prohibitively expensive and was hard to find. It also lacked an exterior screen which was a highly requested feature.

We are now happy to report that we now have an answer, we have a way to get all of the above features and 3 free months of service using verizon’s towers.!!

The short version is to buy a Total Wireless LG Classic Flip, and use a special promo code to get 3 months of unlimited service for free.

Please read this guide fully to learn more about each step.

The phone:

As you may have guessed by now, the phone we are referring to is the LG Classic flip, this phone is the next generation of the exalt and features an exterior screen. You can purchase one from total wireless for $30 here and then proceed to activate it.

Activating and getting the 3 free months of service.

In order to get the free 3 months, you have to use our promo code, but first you have to activate your phone and pay for the 1st month of service. You can use this link to sign up to total wireless and start the activation process online. You should select the 25$ unlimited plan which comes out to 23.50 once you enable auto pay.

Once your phone is activated and working, now is the time to get your free 3 months.

Join total wireless rewards by going here. After signing up for rewards you will see an option to enter your friends referral code to get extra points, Enter in our special code fvwj-2cf4. Please note this is a special code for our readers that will get you 8000 points (worth 3 free months of service), all other referral codes will give you way less points.

You usually will have to wait 60 days before the points settle and you are allowed to redeem them. Once 60 days passes and the points are settled, you can go to the redeem section and redeem your points for 3 free months of the $25 plan.

So to summarize you are paying $30 for a great lg flip phone and then getting 3 free months of service on verizons towers.


(Please note apps4flip is not affilitated and does not endorse any of the below options. Use them at your own risk!)

The best option (which is also free) is http://filterlg.com/ provided by gentech. This is a free option although it requires you to install it yourself.

Tag, Geder, and Meshumer should be able to help you install the above filter if you need help.

In regard to the many other filtering options available, we cannot give a recommendation for any of them since we have not tried them, nor have we gotten user feedback on them yet. Therefore we strongly suggest going with the above as it has been tried and tested.

If you want to remove stuff yourself here are the following ADB commands.

  • Browser

adb shell pm uninstall –user 0 com.android.browser

  • FM Radio

adb shell pm uninstall –user 0 com.lge.fmradio

  • Email

adb shell pm uninstall –user 0 com.lge.email

  • Texting

adb shell pm uninstall –user 0 com.android.mms


Hundreds of people have taken advantage of our 3 months of free service promotion from total wireless and we have not had any complaints or issues in redeeming it. If for whatever reason you are having issues just send us an email to promo@apps4flip.com describing your exact problem and we will try to help you resolve it.

Please note we do not provide support for anything other then redeeming the 3 months of free service.


In this guide we showed you how to get the best 4G flip phone around and 3 free months of service on verizon.

We hope you enjoyed this guide and if you have any suggestions to improve this guide, please let us know at support@apps4flip.com

Apps4flip is not responsible for any content written above and cannot guarantee any results, given that there are many factors out of our control which may affect the above process. Please be smart about it and we are not responsible for any money lost when following the above procedure. You are performing it at your own risk and by reading this site you are in agreement not to hold apps4flip liable for any issues that may occur.