Developer Program

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For Android App Developers

This is only for people who build their own android apps; not for people to request apps

We are always looking for new ways to expand our catalog of kosher apps. Therefore, we offer a program for you, android app developers, which will expand your market to include 4G flip phone users, while at the same time, helping us in our mission.

If your app is

  • available on the google play store, and
  • you are the owner of the app,

then we want to work with you! If you want to work with us to get your app working on 4G Flip phones, and made available through our catalog, please email us at

Note: If the above two conditions are not met, then you do not qualify. You qualify only if you are the owner of the app which is available on the google play store. You will be required to verify ownership before proceeding.