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Apps4flip.com is a website dedicated to providing the best kosher app experience for users of 4G flip phones like the LG Exalt LTE, LG Classic Flip, Kyocera Cadence, and similar models.

Our mission is simple: We help bochurim and yungerleit hold back from getting a smartphone when they’re on the verge of getting one. We do this by enhancing the 4G flip phone capabilities, bridging the gap between flip phones and smartphones more than ever, while keeping things 100% kosher.

To get started, download any apk you wish from our apps section. Then follow our instructions here to install them.

Please Note: We strongly encourage all 4G flip phone users to visit TAG to kasher there phones after installing the apps they want! Apps4flip.com take no responsibility for the downloading and using of any apps. Do so at your own risk. We take no achreiyis for any bittul torah caused! Use at your own risk and be responsible! By using this website you implicitly agree to our terms!

For any questions or concerns, please read the FAQ. Please Note: This is a free service, and we do not provide support. If you are having issue with installation or anything else, we advise you to ask your tech savvy friends. DO NOT email us; we will not respond.

Follow us on twitter @apps4flip to get notified when we add apps, update the site, or when we do anything else that’s worthy of your attention.

If you would like to support this project financially, donate to our favorite organization instead, (which is kPhone - we are unaffiliated), or email us at support@apps4flip.com

For the desperate bochurim

To all the desperate bochurim who keep on harrasing us to provide inappropriate apps like telegram, google chrome, vechulu. If you email us asking for apps, we will not respond!!!!! Our goal is to prevent people from getting smart phones, not to help desperate bochurim turn their flip phone into one!!!!


Credit goes to @kollelniyes for helping reverse engineer the kyocera phones and for all of your valuable feedback.

Credit goes to Yehuda F for the yiddish translation and his incredible help reverse engineering ADB.

Credit goes to N L for his work on creating videos for the site as well as his reverse engineering help.

Credit goes to @sh7411usa for the hebkey app and various other things that he has provided for the apps4flip project. Thank you!!

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